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Pawn of Prophecy David Eddings


I had this book many years ago and never got around to reading it. I recently re-purchased it and am glad that I did. I’ve not read a fantasy novel in a while and it was great to get back into a bit of wizardry.

This book tells the tale of Garion and his part in a wider plot of warring between the gods. Honestly very little happens in this book apart from setting the scene which I’m sure the second book in the series will build upon. It was good though, compelling and never boring. We meet some great characters along the way like Silk who is the cunning thief spy and Barak the giant. We fall in love with Mr Wolf who’s real name is Belgarath and his daughter aunt Pol, both of whom are gods.

We are not enlightened specifically to what the quest is for or why we must chase some evil being but we share this ignorance with Garion and hope that we will find out along the trodden paths. Eddings does a great job of character building and the personalities of each come alive off the page as Garion tries to make sense of who he is and what is happening.

I have rushed out and bought the second book and was up late last night reading it. Overall Pawn of Prophecy gets a 7/10 for a great introduction to what will hopefully be an epic journey.

Timeline by Michael Crichton


What goes up must come down.

 This book started off with amazing gusto and relentless action. For the first three hundred pages it was action packed and I was hooked. There were ancient ruins, evil scientists, archeology and heaps more that could have been a basis for a great plot. Unfortunately once the main characters went back in time the writing took a turn for the worse. The book became very mundane, boring and disjointed. The last two hundred pages was a grueling waste of time.
I wish that the same pace and tone that the book had to begin with was carried through but it unfortunately wasn’t. So overall I’d rate it a 4/10 due to being let down.

Drop Dead Healthy by A. J. Jacobs


The self experimenting, full emersion journalist A. J. Jacobs is back with another fantastic book. In this book Jacobs aims to become the healthiest man alive within two years.

What’s really good about this book is that he breaks the chapters up into body parts which included eyes, heart, genitals, lungs, and brain etc. Jacobs explores with wit and insightfulness the extremes and balances of health within each field and adopts some great practices such as a treadmill desk (which I really want). He meets many marvelous and humorous people and tries to get to the bottom of diet fads and alternative therapies.

I really love Jacobs writing style and enjoy his subtle sarcasm and open mindedness. There was not a dull point at all in this book and it held many nuggets of truth. I would highly recommend this book and give it an overall rating of 8.5/10 as its the sort of book I wish I’d written.