Monthly Archives: September 2012

Queen of Sorcery David Eddings


Vastly superior to its predecessor, this book packs a powerful punch of action, intrigue and fantasy.

I found it a struggle to not read this book, it was just so interesting and we are getting closer and closer to finding this stolen orb and uncovering the sorcery Garion wields. The characters are getting more in depth and really do jump off the page and bring real personality to the story. Not a huge amount has happened but we are slowly edging towards a climax of an outcome.
I have bought the third book and am looking forward to getting started. A total rating of 8/10 for superb flow and great characters.

The Time Machine – H. G. Wells


Well I love a good time travel story and this one is fantastic. What I really like about this book is that Wells describes in detail the events of time travel as if they were factual. His writing style is fantastic & the underlying implications of the story are poignant to real life, all great ingredients for a fab book.

As we sit smoking in the reading room sipping our port the time traveler recounts his expedition into the future, a future very different from our own. It’s the story of bravery, love and war, a story riddled with implications of our present actions as the human race. There were at times things in the story that were bizzare and seemingly unfounded, like the time travellers relationship with weena, a creature of the future. There were giant crabs and other oddities.

Overall however, this book was a fantastic read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s the first H. G. Wells book I’ve read & I’m intrigued now as to what else he has written. I’d rate this story a 7.5/10 for its great style and enjoyable story.