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A short story by me

Hi Guys,

So I wrote a short story. You can read it on iTunes for free (and it’s only 8 pages). Let me know what you think:

A Summer Release – By Jason Doughty


The 4 Hour Work Week Timothy Ferriss


I was deeply skeptical about reading this book after having read Ferriss’ other work (the 4hr body) which was nothing but dribble that needed to be wiped off of a babies bib. I stood in the bookshop um-ing and ahh-ing but in a leap of faith purchased it for the extravagant price of $37.99.

Straight off it’s a lot of Ferriss explaining what the book can and will do if you submit yourself to it’s magical powers and if not carefully committed at this point it could be the end even before I have begun. However after the carrot of a lifetime of luxury and easy money is dangled before you we are thrust forcefully into the bowels of the ‘new ritch’ and given insightful and rather practical advice on unplugging and resetting our idea of work and income (the concept, not the big yellow building for unemployment).

What I particularly liked was his ruthless approach and devilish trickery to not only get what you want but to eliminate all time wasting time and efforts in order to get the most out of life. In hindsight the book essentially is about you generating income with the minimum of effort (hence the 4hr work week) and giving you the freedom to pursue a rich life of whatever your vices happen to be. It’s a great concept, a worthy goal and, according to Ferriss, easily doable. And he has an army of people who have tried it and succeeded. The main ideas I got from the book was how to create a Muse (an effortless side income),  how to work remotely and way more efficiently by interrupting the interruptions (or to stop being distracted) and how to delegate and eliminate time wasting work. The majority of the concepts are based on the 80/20 rule,  you know the one where 20% of the people have 80% of the wealth, and it’s implementation into all aspects of personal and professional life.

My overall impression of the book was great, I zoomed through it and really really enjoyed it. I got a lot of inspiration and things to try out of it, and I think it’s the sort of book that a second read is needed to really grasp it. I give it an 8/10 for it’s compelling practicality and new way to view our work life.