The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton

73.Eleanor Catton-The Luminaries


Well this book is quite a tricky one to review. On one hand I really enjoyed it, but on another I was rather disappointed.

It is a murder mystery set in the 50s, in the south of New Zealand. The plot revolves around twelve characters who are trying to figure out why a whore was overdosed in the street on the same night that a mad died silently in his lonely house.

My main criticism is that I was interested to know the outcome of the story, but I felt like there was no plot twist at the end, or anywhere for that matter. We got the gist of what what happened early on, and that is exactly what happened. I felt a little cheated. The book kept the same pacing throughout and I felt like it never really picked up.

But it was interesting, just not that interesting. It’s worth a read I suppose but I’m not sure I would ever consider re-reading it. I’d rate it a 4.7/10.


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